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Talent Show Stagehands

Project Information

Name: Talent Show Stagehands

Project Coordinator: Rory

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 4

Start Date: 01/08/16

End Date: 01/08/16


Project Description

EDIT: We are all set! Sorry if you wanted a spot but couldn't get one. I got four volunteers right off the bat.

We (no longer) need stagehands for the talent show! I'm thinking 4 total. Two will be on stage right, two will be on stage left. Three people will help move microphones and chairs for performers, as well as get people queued up to perform. The last person will help move things as well, but their first priority will be controlling the projector using a remote.

This will be during the talent show, of course, and you will receive three hours for it. I NEED YOU THERE AT 6:30. The show starts at 7, and runs until 10. You are free to go as soon as the show is over, I won't need help packing up.

You can contact me, Rory Schadler, by text at 617-676-8999, and by email at (address redacted). Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to a great show.



There are 4 NHS members participating in this project.