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National Honor Society

SORTING Pat-On-the-Back Turkeys!

Project Information

Name: SORTING Pat-On-the-Back Turkeys!

Project Coordinator: Chao Zheng

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: No Limit

Start Date: 11/19/15

End Date: 11/20/15


Project Description

As part of the annual tradition, students have sent pat-on-the-back turkeys this year and we need help to sort them to homerooms!

Meet us in front of the school library right after school to help sort the students' and staffs' turkeys into their corresponding homerooms. (We'll then find a room to sort them in).

We will meet for about 1.5 - 2 hours on Thursday, and if we need more time, we'll sort on Friday as well.

Forms will be signed by me, Allen, Courtney, and Kevin. Email (address redacted) for questions and concerns. See you there!



There are 1 NHS members participating in this project.