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National Honor Society

Vocal ID

Project Information

Name: Vocal ID

Project Coordinator: Rachel

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: No Limit

Start Date: 10/19/15

End Date: 09/01/16


Project Description


We are looking for volunteers for a wonderful program called VocaliD that helps people who cannot speak their own voice. VocaliD captures small sounds from individuals with limited speech and then match it to a similar voice in their database. With this technology, kids with no voice can have their own voice identity.

Right now we are looking for 16-18 YEAR OLD MALE STUDENTS who would like to make a positive impact and donate their voice, for a Max Plansky ( ), a young man in need (see attached flyer & video link). If you are interested, PLEASE SIGN UP AT to give Max his voice! THE RECORDING NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY THE END OF OCTOBER, so we need to act quickly to give Max his voice. You will be given community service hours for your time.

Please know, however, that there are tens of millions worldwide that rely on computerized voices to communicate yet they all sound identical. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A 16-18 YEAR OLD BOY, you can still donate your voice by going to

Please see Ms. Hoban in room 147 if you have any questions or concerns.




There are 13 NHS members participating in this project.