The Lexington High School Chapter of the
National Honor Society

Build a Small Structure for Displaced Swallows

Project Information

Name: Build a Small Structure for Displaced Swallows

Project Coordinator: Thomas

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Start Date: 03/17/14

End Date: 06/13/14


Project Description

We will be building a small structure for LexFarm, the new organic farm-share program in Lexington. LexFarm has needed to displace a family of Barn Swallows that have nested in a farmhouse building for multiple years. The structure was sealed off to the swallows because the birds posed a sanitary hazard to the produce wash house. LexFarm would like to provide a nesting site for the swallows on the exterior of the building should the birds choose to use it.

The structure will be approximately 6 feet tall and open on part of 1 side so that birds can easily enter or exit. While it is unclear if the birds will choose to use the structure, LexFarm would still like to attempt to provide a viable location to the birds. This project is especially important because Mass Audubon believes that Barn Swallow populations across the region may be diminishing. LexFarm has agreed to provide materials for the project.



There are 8 NHS members participating in this project.