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Voyages en Francophonie

Project Information

Name: Voyages en Francophonie

Project Coordinator: Ian

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 3

Start Date: 03/15/14

End Date: 03/15/14


Project Description

On March 15th at Cary Hall, there will be a large group of presentations from various French-speaking countries. This event needs additional volunteers to welcome, watch over, and guide various visitors. There is also a talent show during the event which I assume will be entertaining, and there will be food.

VERY IMPORTANT: -All volunteers must stay from 10am-5pm -All volunteers MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK PASSABLE FRENCH. -All volunteers should email Mme Kimura at after they have signed up -All volunteers must sign up by MONDAY, JANUARY 13th.

Email Mme Kimura with questions, and I apologize in advance for the limit, the project was offered to French classes first. However if you speak french and want a bunch of hours, sign up.



There are 3 NHS members participating in this project.