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National Honor Society

First Annual Lexington Dr. ML King Day of Service

Project Information

Name: First Annual Lexington Dr. ML King Day of Service

Project Coordinator: Teresa

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Start Date: 01/20/14

End Date: 01/20/14


Project Description

The Town of Lexington will commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a Day of Service, honoring Dr. King’s legacy by committing our community to take part in assisting those less fortunate.

11:00am Unity Walk from the Battle Green to Cary Hall Bring your friends, banners and warm clothes!

11:15-11:45 Welcome and Musical Presentation Cary Hall 1 - 3:30pm YMCA Community Day, Waltham YMCA Homeless children and adults will be invited to participate in games, sports, activities, etc. led by YMCA staff and aided by Lexington volunteers! We need you!! Over 30 volunteer roles!

12 - 2:30pm Lunch with Seniors at Lexington Villages: Greeley  Vynebrooke  Countryside Youth and adult volunteers will be invited to serve lunch and sit with resident seniors to reflect on the legacy of Dr. King. 6-10 volunteers needed at each village (middle school aged + up)

12 – 3:30pm Card Making and Donation Drive, Cary Hall Make cards for Valentine’s Day for hospitalized, veteran and elderly citizens. Drop off donations for COMPASS for Kids to support homeless families. Please donate: children’s books and quiet toys, healthy food baskets, gift cards for groceries, clothing, medicine, public transportation. Open to everyone!!

4:00pm Program Conclusion, Cary Hall Reflection on the day, and information sharing on regional philanthropic organizations to provide ongoing participation for volunteers throughout the year. Light refreshments.

Sign up to Volunteer online: For more information, contact Sam Zales: (address redacted)



There are 4 NHS members participating in this project.