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Project Coordinator: Abraham

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: No Limit

Start Date: 11/25/13

End Date: 12/02/13


Project Description

Background for Students

The Melanoma Education Foundation is a Massachusetts non-profit public charity that provides life-saving services throughout the U.S. Our melanoma lesson is taught in over 1250 high schools and middle schools including your school. It has saved the lives of students and teachers.

The way we contact new schools is by finding the names of health teachers on school websites and then inviting them (by email) to use our free online lessons. The lessons educate students and teachers about early self-detection of melanoma, a skin cancer that is deadly unless found at an early stage.

Melanoma Warriors are students who earn community service credit by finding contact information for teachers in schools we do not currently serve. We provide the names of states or counties and detailed instructions for finding information and entering it in an XL worksheet that we also provide. The website has links to every school website in the U.S. and is the starting point for getting the information we need.

No fundraising, selling, or phone calls are involved. The work can be done anytime during days, evenings, and weekends. Beginning volunteers can typically get the information for 25 schools in 3 4 hours.

What you will need-

A desktop or laptop computer with Microsoft Excel installed (MS Excel is not available for tablets or smartphones except via cloud-based MS Office 365 subscription).

If you are interested-

Let your adviser know how many hours you would like to volunteer. When we receive the information we will send the adviser information on which state and counties for each volunteer to work on.

This year our focus is primarily on middle schools.

Your participation will help save lives!



There are 3 NHS members participating in this project.