The Lexington High School Chapter of the
National Honor Society

NHS Trivia Bee-Operations

Project Information

Name: NHS Trivia Bee-Operations

Project Coordinator: Aren

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 30

Start Date: 11/12/13

End Date: 12/06/13


Project Description

We will be hosting a trivia bee in commons 2 on December 6, at 7 PM. The bee will raise money for the charity represented by the winning team. Teams of three, with an entry fee of $15. Tickets are $5 each. All this money will go into a giant pool, which we will split among the best teams there. We are putting a cap of 24 teams. I (Aren) have already written out the questions. Those who sign up will be helping to set up the day of, and working with me (the MC) to help the bee go by smoothly.

If you sign up, you will get a Google form to fill out, giving you a job. The jobs we need include: Before hand Advertising-has a separate project Question review-Make sure the questions are not too easy/difficult Miscellaneous organizational jobs- Acquire stuff for concessions, make sure we have judges etc. Beautification - in charge of making sure we have programs, and an overall professional looking bee. Decoration of tables etc.

Day of Ticket booth-Self-explanatory. Just collect $5 and hand out a ticket, and an index card (see questions liaison) Set-up- We will need to set up a stage and seats. We will also need to do beautification (see above) Usher-show people to their seats, give them programs, answer questions etc. Concessions-sell soda, candy, etc, and tabulate how much we make. This money will also go into the giant pool. Judge liaison-take information from the judges and bring them to me. This entails telling me who moves on to the next round, etc. Questions liaison- couldn't think of a good name for this post. One thing we are (probably) going to do is have one audience question per round. If you have this job, you need to fact-check the question and answer given to you by the audience member. Clean-up- make sure the commons is as nice as when we started. Take down the stage etc.

You can do stuff before hand and the day itself, or one or the other. Whatever you prefer.



There are 25 NHS members participating in this project.