The Lexington High School Chapter of the
National Honor Society

Caspar Emergency Services Sandwich Making Event

Project Information

Name: Caspar Emergency Services Sandwich Making Event

Project Coordinator: Emily

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Start Date: 11/18/12

End Date: 11/18/12


Project Description

Young kids make sandwiches every year before Thanksgiving and NHS members will help the kids make the sandwiches by bagging, labeling bags, etc. From 3-4 PM we will make sandwiches, so please bring at least 2 loaves of bread and supplies (peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, etc.). If you do not wish to participate in the sandwich making, you can come from 4-5:30 to help the younger kids make their sandwiches. This event will take place in Keilty Hall in St. Brigid's basement in Lexington. If you have any questions please contact Emily Lowry ((address redacted)), Caitlin Hughes ((address redacted)), or Kristen Fiore ((address redacted))



There are 20 NHS members participating in this project.