The Lexington High School Chapter of the
National Honor Society

Lexington 300th: Race Through Time

Project Information

Name: Lexington 300th: Race Through Time

Project Coordinator: Talia

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 19

Start Date: 09/22/12

End Date: 09/22/12


Project Description

Be a crosswalk monitor! 11:30 -3:30pm You will need to have a cell phone number. You will be in the thick of race checking in teams: 8 volunteers maximum

Be a photographer/videographer! 11:30- 2:30 (or 1:30 is fine) you will receive a minimum of 3 hours credit, because you will need to email pictures/videos to us after event. You will be stationed at each challenge stop taking pictures: 9 volunteers maximum

Be a PA! 11:30-4pm You will need to be willing to lift tables and chairs. 2 volunteers maximum.

All volunteers report to Karin Gehring and Risa Lavelle at centerfield. Email (address redacted) to sign up. Free t-shirts to all!



There are 3 NHS members participating in this project.