The Lexington High School Chapter of the
National Honor Society

Shakers Glen boardwalk build

Project Information

Name: Shakers Glen boardwalk build

Project Coordinator: Janvi

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 12

Start Date: 04/01/17

End Date: 04/09/17


Project Description

We will be building a 48' boardwalk in Shaker Glen in Lexington. This project will take place over the course of two weekends the weekend of April 1st and the weekend of April 8. The access point to the build site will be 451 Lowell street in Lexington, This is the parking lot of the Christ Revolution Church. We have permission to use the parking lot there over the course of the project. Work will start at 10 am on April first and will go until roughly 3 in the afternoon. Food and refreshments will be provided, but please bring water. If you have any safety equipment or woodworking tools (drills, hammers, etc.) please bring those as well. Contact Elias Carver on facebook or at (address redacted) if you have any questions.



There are 4 NHS members participating in this project.