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Jazz in the Middle (Schools) High School Aids

Project Information

Name: Jazz in the Middle (Schools) High School Aids

Project Coordinator: Darsan

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: No Limit

Start Date: 01/01/17

End Date: 01/02/18


Project Description

Jazz in the Middle is a middle school music program run by the middle school band directors, Mr. Toby Forman and Ms. Megan Riccio, that exposes students to the art form of jazz improvisation. As aids, you will be required to have some prior knowledge of the jazz idiom and should be proficient in improvising on an instrument. Aids should interact with and help teach the young musicians.

We are looking for people who can play the following instruments: Alto saxophone, flute, piano, bass, trombone, trumpet, and kazoo :)

Please contact Darsan Swaroop Bellie at (address redacted) for more information.



There are 3 NHS members participating in this project.