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Lexington Chinese Senior English Academy (LCSEA)

Project Information

Name: Lexington Chinese Senior English Academy (LCSEA)

Project Coordinator: William

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: 4

Start Date: 09/10/12

End Date: 01/02/18


Project Description

Lexington Chinese Senior English Academy(LCSEA) was founded in 2012 to help recent Chinese Senior Citizen immigrants learn english and understand American culture. This project is completely run by volunteer Lexington High School students. High School volunteer teachers must design a new lesson plan every week to teach the Chinese Senior Citizens. We teach them: grammar, pronunciation, culture, and vocabulary.

The motivation for LCSEA was founded for high school students to give back to the community, especially as the Chinese Senior Citizen population is rising and many of them do not know how to communicate in English. Teaching the senior citizens english empowers them to be independent, so that they do not assistance of a translator, additionally it makes them live a happier life.

LCSEA meets every Sunday 3-5pm at Lexington's Senior Citizen Home Complex, Countryside Village, and two to five teachers teach the senior citizens a lesson plan, which could vary from "food" to "911 emergency".

LCSEA has been successful since it's founding with over 500 lesson plans created, and many Chinese Senior Citizens who initially knew no english when they started learning at LCSEA, to passing the United States Nationalization Test. I have been teaching many of the same senior citizens for 3 years now and I can see the improvement they are making.

LCSEA applies to the four pillars of NHS': scholarship, service, leadership, and character. As teaching here is service work but also builds leadership, character, and scholarship.

For more information please email me: (address redacted) and please check out LCSEA's Website:



There are 2 NHS members participating in this project.