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Project Information


Project Coordinator: Rachel

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: No Limit

Start Date: 04/01/16

End Date: 04/03/16


Project Description

At the MICCA festival, music students and families from all over Massachusetts will be coming to perform in the Gillespie Auditorium at LHS, during the times: Friday April 1 (3pm-9:30 pm), Saturday April 2 (8am 5:30pm), Sunday April 3 (12noon 4:30 pm) Job descriptions: The NHS students may be doing one of several functions, complementing what the parent volunteers are doing, and working as part of the team with the parent volunteers (including me). Jobs may include: - Ushering at the auditorium doors, allowing people to enter only between performances - maintaining silence in the lobby of the auditorium during performances (to assist judges) - helping seat anyone who needs assistance, such as disabled or elderly attendees - helping at the snack bar. Sign up: Because the festival runs for so many hours each day, it would be ideal to get student volunteer coverage spread throughout each day of the festival, which would be of most help to us and also would allow students to work the time in and around their own busy schedules. Please commit to helping in blocks of 3-4 hours each shift, and each NHS student can sign up for as many as is comfortable for you. IF YOU SIGN UP WITH MR. LEONARD, DO NOT SIGN UP HERE FOR THE SAME SHIFT When you arrive to start your shift, report to Lisa Boehm in front of the auditorium, who will sign you in, give you your name tag, and tell you your job. Note: If the sign up you want gets filled, just email me, and let me know you are available and intend to come. We will make you a name tag, and you will get your hours. Also, if you find your schedule changes and prohibits you from fulfilling your commitment, please do us all a favor and delete your sign up or email me. That will give others the opportunity to get their hours. Please volunteer at this link: NHS-MICCA 2016 Volunteers If this link does not work, please copy and paste into your browser: Feel free to contact me with any questions, and I look forward to meeting you all! Thanks so much for your interest in participating in this volunteer opportunity. Gwen Wong, Lisa Boehm MICCA Festival Coordinators FOLMADS 781-274-0373



There are 30 NHS members participating in this project.