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National Honor Society

Weston Spring 2016 Rubik's Cube Competition

Project Information

Name: Weston Spring 2016 Rubik's Cube Competition

Project Coordinator: Samuel

Signups: Closed

Maximum Number of Participants: No Limit

Start Date: 04/02/16

End Date: 04/02/16


Project Description

On Saturday, April 2, 2016, the Weston Spring 2016 Rubik's Cube Competition will take place at the Meadowbrook School of Weston (10 Farm Rd, Weston, Massachusetts 02493). Our last two competitions were very popular amongst NHS volunteers! This competition is sanctioned by the World Cube Association and will have an official WCA delegate in attendance to supervise the facility. This event will attract competitors from across the northeast corridor of the United States and beyond. Participants will pay a fee in order compete in many puzzle categories, including the original Rubik’s Cube, and variations. We are looking for volunteers who will perform some of the following tasks:

1) Judging competitors - World Cube Association regulations require that all official solves to be judged by another individual. This mechanism promotes fairness and prevents cheating. For all interested in volunteering, a video is linked below which details basics of judging. The majority of volunteers will be serve as judges to help make the competition run smoothly.

2) Answering competitor/parent questions - Often, competitors or parents have questions that do not need to be answered by an organizer or delegate. Volunteers may also be asked to answer such questions

3) Concession Stand - We will be selling concessions throughout the day, and may want some volunteers to help serve food/beverages and collect payments.

4) Performing other tasks - Although the three bullets listed above are the main tasks in need of volunteers, other jobs will likely come up during the day that will need to completed.

Volunteers can come and go at various times during the day depending on their schedules. That being said, NHS members must commit to volunteering for a minimum of 1 hour. Please note that my co-organizer (Matt McMillan) and I will be running the competition and also help out with these tasks. Thanks in advance for all support! All volunteers need to fill out a form [] in addition to signing up on the Lexington NHS Website.



There are 12 NHS members participating in this project.